Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 5

Status - M14
Mood - good

Day 4 Picture

Day 5 Picture

Coming Soon !


-- Jay

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 3

Status - M14
Mood - Great

Day 3

Shoulders + HIIT

Thanks for the add Adam. I appreciate your support !


-- Jay


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 2

Status - M14
Mood - good

Day 2

Back + Biceps

I'm glad to say that I haven't lost much strength. Tomorrows run will be the true test of my current fitness level :-)


-- Jay

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 1: 14 day mini-challenge

Status - 14 day mini-challenge
Mood - excited

Day 1

I'd rather let my action speak for the next two weeks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 2: Serious workout

Status - hulk
Water - 4 liters
Mood - great

Day 2 of 50





- standing push press (2 x 185lbs x 5)(3 x 135lbs x 8-10)
- seated military press (3 x 55lbs x 6-8) **very tired**
- lateral raise (cable - 2 x 40lbs x 10-12)(machine - 2 x 70lbs x 6-8)
- front raise (cable - 2 x 30lbs x 10-12)

I haven't performed standing push press in quite some time -- a little over 4 months. It really kicked my butt today.

At the end of my workout I even tried to run, but was unable to due to the severe pain felt in each of my shoulders -- the type of burn you get when doing lactic acid training, but much more persistent. I've never experienced anything like it before.

Won't be doing shoulders for another two days, at least, haha

Catch you later,

-- Jay

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 1: Continued (post workout)

Status - hulk
Water - 5 liters
Mood - excellent

Day 1 of 50





- pull-up (30 reps)

- lat pull-down (circuit x 2 RN x 150 lbs, 120, 90, 60)

- seated row (circuit x 2 RN x 150 lbs, 120, 90, 60)

Catch you tomorrow morning,

-- Jay

Day 1: You won't like when I'm angry

Status - HULK
Water - 2 liters
Mood - great

Day 1 of 30


I've been absent a while, but it feels good to finally be back !

Organizing my schedule for school has proved more difficult than initially expected. I'm still unsure as to which classes I plan to take for this semester. Currently, the fall looks something the following -

BI48 (evolutionary biology)
CG9 (Quantitative methods in psychology)
ENG141 (History of American Poetry)
LITR (advanced poetry writing)

Due to a few scheduling conflicts, it seems as though I won't be able to take a senior seminar, at least not until next semester.

As you might have noticed above, I have entered into a new phase: HULK


This will be the mission theme for the next 50 days, beginning tomorrow.

Near the end of 'return to form', which lasted for approximately 68 days, I noticed that my body responded very well to heavier weights. In fact, after having lost 6 lbs of fat this summer (while in summer school), I regained most of it back (in the form of muscle) when working out at my gym from home. The photo below is evidence of this fact:

Although I've lost a little definition in my abdominal region, I feel that my increased muscle tone more than makes up for it. Granted, I haven't been running as frequently as I would like, which, once started, will help in tightening me up some more.

Here's a promise I will make to all my fellow shredders out there:

Jeremy is waking up tomorrow at 7am, and completing a 20 minute HIIT session, followed by 10 minutes on the elliptical. There you go. I am committed now. No excuses.

The vision I have for myself in beginning this new mission is threefold:





No, but seriously - I would like to put on some more size, without gaining an unneeded amount of fat. I've been trying to lower my body fat percentage for so long, and have done well in accomplishing that goal, to an extent. Now, however, I would like to learn more about my body's strength capacity.

There was a point, two years ago actually, that I felt my strongest. My lifts were through the roof. I would like to reach and even surpass that in the next 50 days, which means that my bench press needs to reach at least 110 lbs (dumbbell) / 275lbs barbell, shoulder press 100lbs (dumbbell) / 225lbs (barbell), and weighted pull-ups (repping with a 45lbs plate). I would also like to incorporate a form of squat and dead-lift into my regimen. My legs are severely underdeveloped from years of neglect.

I have such chicken legs, haha

I would definitely appreciate any feedback on this. Mike, Michael (!), Adam, Larry, Bob, ladies ? I know a few of you guys are pushing around some serious leg weight. How do you think I should start out ?


I do, in fact, have a decent foundation in squatting. In high school, our coach focused on clean and jerk mostly, but also required us to learn the basic technique and function of the squat movement, which was especially important for me to know since my primary position was at Middle Linebacker, and so had to use a lot of hip in making a variety of tackles. It's just that I haven't been hitting anyone recently, haha.

Any advice would be appreciated !

I'll be making blog rounds very soon. I haven't forgotten you guys !

Take care, and good luck !

Catch you later,